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ATLETICO NEW MEXICO FUTBOL CLUB: Our most fundamental educating role is SPORTSMANSHIP. As leaders and role models, it is our duty to extend this discipline to all of our athletes, coaches, managers and family members. Within our Club there are several highly valued components to sportsmanship, such as:

HUMILITY - Learn from mistakes and banish an individualistic mentality. Staying humble will help us to always keep learning.

RESPECT - We treat coaches, staff, players, other teams, refs, and parents with a high level of respect for one another's time and effort.

PURPOSE - To feel useful and needed for something bigger than ourselves, to love what we do and to not just go through the motions.

CONFIDENCE - We can do more than we think we can. We need someone to believe in us, and we need to believe in ourselves. 

EFFORT - Give everything we have,100% of the time. With motivation and energy we can accomplish our goals.

TEAMWORK - Working as 1 unit toward achieving the group's objectives.

DISCIPLINE - How much time and energy are we willing to put in? Much sacrifice is needed in order to get where we need and want to be. 

RESPONSIBILITY - Each player is accountable to the team. Each player is responsible for their own fitness and growth as a player.

SELF-CONTROL - Master our impulses and emotions.  We learn from mistakes, mature and keep moving forward.

HEALTHY HABITS - What we eat, how we rest/recover, and everything we do creates habits for life.

Atletico NM, will provide the necessary means for each player to develop their sporting abilities at the highest level, with all material and personal means at their disposal. For this we present our Sporting Director, Paco Lobato.  Paco's qualifications are the highest level UEFA PRO III, and he has more than 18 years of experience in professional futbol in Spain. Paco will continue to apply the appropriate methodology for our club, and will be responsible for the implementation and development of sports planning in all areas, mainly through training, as well as the coordination of the work plans for all Directors responsible in each age group level.


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