At the highest level of elite futbol and with all the sports and economic prestige that is at stake, what predominates are the RESULTS and Simeone knows how to get the most out of all this!

In youth sports, and mainly when we are talking about amateur's competing and developing. The trainer (coach) can not be consumed by the "RESULTS" if you are to fully develop the player to be ready to go to next level.

Right now in all of Europe and the USA there is talk that Atlético de Madrid is in a great final and that makes this institution even bigger (At.Madrid have won Europa League 2010,2012).

If we talk about grassroots football, if we talk about training and player development, the most important thing is not to win but most importantly to LEARN and TRAIN in all aspects so when you finish your training stage you are now prepared to win important titles! The priority should always be the comprehensive training of the athlete, the footballer. This is overlooked in the United States from what I am learning from my work with Nate.

We are celebrating today in Madrid with much heart, and much passion! We are in a final and the finals are not just to be played, the finals are set up (from the early development stages) to win them! GO Atleti !!!!!

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