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Greetings To all my friends at Atletico NM Soccer,

Spain International Cup, Canary Islands is now complete! Here are some of the highlights for my friends in the New Mexico Youth Soccer community. I invite you to join me next June, or next December, as my guests and I am sure my great friend Nate Cdebaca is now able to bring teams to compete and enjoy the beauty of Spain! Here we have more details, and an article in the Madrid based AS (AS is a Spanish daily sports newspaper that concentrates particularly on football. The paper particularly covers news of the Community of Madrid football)

Our Sporting Director Paco Lobato has just completed the First Edition of the International Youth Soccer Tournament with the four finalist teams and a referee trio.

Impressive 30-team tournament, great soccer atmosphere ⚽️ in all its essence, sportsmanship was and exemplary behavior was among all the teams.

The list of teams for this fantastic event: Real Madrid U12, Atletico Madrid U12, Las Palmas U12, Cadiz U12, Getafe U12, Rayo Vallecano U12.

Paco was able to bring 3 teams from Mexico representing clubs he works with there. Celaya, Mexico City, and Chiapas sent teams to this grand tournament. Paco recently began doing Camps and Directing coaches in Mexico during the pandemic. These teams made the trip and had a wonderful experience as part of their development in Spain!

A great success for the first time on the island of Fuerteventura, Canary Islands of Spain 🇪🇸.

Paco Lobato is already working on the second edition of the Tournament where there will be 40 teams in great demand to participate in this spectacular and wonderful international Tournament.

Sport, Health, coexistence, friendship, tourism and above all happiness.

My sincere congratulations to all!


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